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AI's Tasty Takeover - Transforming Beer and Pizza Commercials

AI’s Tasty Takeover – Transforming Beer and Pizza Commercials

Chris Boyle, director and co-founder of London-based Private Island, recently unveiled an AI-generated beer commercial on LinkedIn, showcasing the company’s innovative use of Machine Learning and Generative Image technology.

AI-Generated Beer Commercial: Synthetic Summer

The ad, dubbed “Synthetic Summer,” features no real people and was created through text prompts using groundbreaking AI tools.

Private Island has spent the past year experimenting with Machine Learning to explore new ways of working and visual mediums.

According to Boyle, the company has been using Stable Diffusion, Control Net, and Runway to understand new forms of moving and generative images. These experiments have allowed the team to push the boundaries of what’s possible in creative production.

Audience Reactions: Fascination and Fear

The AI-generated ad has received mixed reactions from viewers.

While some have praised its visual accuracy and the inclusion of Smash Mouth’s 1999 hit “All Star” as the soundtrack, others have expressed concerns about the eerie implications of AI-generated content.

One YouTube commenter called the commercial “the most hauntingly prescient omen I have ever seen.”

AI-Generated Pizza Commercial: Pepperoni Hug Spot

In a similar vein, Reddit user PizzaLater has produced an AI-generated pizza commercial for a fictional restaurant called “Pepperoni Hug Spot.”

The video, created using ChatGPT for the script, MidJourney for images, Runway Gen2 for the video, and Eleven Labs for the voiceover, demonstrates the potential of AI in advertising.

Horrifying and Impressive

The resulting commercial has left viewers both amazed and disturbed.

While the video features realistic human characters and natural-sounding dialogue, the facial expressions of some characters have sparked unease among the audience.

Despite these concerns, the commercial showcases the impressive capabilities of AI in advertising and its potential to revolutionise the industry.

Room for Improvement

As with any new technology, the quality of AI-generated commercials still leaves something to be desired. Some viewers have criticised the blending of objects and the abnormal growth of pizza from plates.

Nevertheless, the progress made by companies like Private Island and individuals like PizzaLater indicates that the future of advertising may very well lie in the hands of AI-generated content.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca is our AI news writer. A graduate of Leeds University with an International Journalism MA, she possesses a keen eye for the latest AI developments. Rebecca’s passion for AI, and with her journalistic expertise, brings insightful news stories for our readers.

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