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The launch of the Eleven Multilingual v2

ElevenLabs Unveils New Voice Tool Supporting 30 Languages

ElevenLabs, a leader in voice AI software, has just introduced their newest offering, the Eleven Multilingual v2. This AI text-to-voice tool can understand and generate speech in almost 30 languages, making content more accessible globally.

A Leap Forward in Voice Technology

With the launch of the Eleven Multilingual v2, ElevenLabs is aiming to break down language barriers in content creation. This tool could be a game-changer if you’re a media company, a game developer, or just someone with a story to tell.

After 18 months of rigorous research, this model can craft ’emotionally rich’ AI audio. Simply put, when you feed it text, it can automatically turn that into speech in one of nearly 30 languages, and it sounds incredibly real.

Interestingly, whether the voice produced is computer-generated or a digital twin of a human voice, it keeps its unique traits, such as its accent, across all languages.

Your Voice, But More Versatile

ElevenLabs isn’t stopping at just translation. They’ve also recently added a feature that lets users create a digital twin of their own voice.

Now, with the multilingual model, imagine your voice speaking fluently in languages from Chinese and Korean to Dutch and Tamil.

Eleven Multilingual v2 Demo

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Moving Beyond Beta

Having improved and expanded since its January debut, ElevenLabs is now moving out of its ‘trial’ phase. They’ve grown a lot. It now boasts a user base of over a million people worldwide.

And they’re still planning. They’ve mentioned plans for users to share voices on the platform, which could lead to some intriguing collaborative projects.

Mati Staniszewski, the big brain behind ElevenLabs, shared, “Our dream at ElevenLabs was to make every piece of content reachable, no matter the language or voice. With our new tool, we’re a bit closer to that dream. We want everyone, every creator, to have access to top-quality voice tech.”

But ElevenLabs isn’t just about voices.

The potential for schools, for instance, could provide students with lessons in multiple languages, helping them learn better. There’s also potential for authors to turn their books into audiobooks or for visually impaired individuals to ‘hear’ online articles.

Big names in the industry, like D-ID and Storytel, have already teamed up with ElevenLabs, so we can expect some exciting collaborations.

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