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OpenAI’s DALL·E 3 with ChatGPT Plus

OpenAI’s DALL·E 3 Teams Up with ChatGPT Plus

OpenAI unveiled improvements to DALL·E 3 yesterday, emphasising a more nuanced understanding of textual prompts.

This advanced version is the latest version of its text-to-image generator, which translates users’ elaborate ideas into highly precise images.

Building on the legacy of DALL·E and DALL·E 2, DALL·E 3 stands out in its ability to produce images that closely align with the text descriptions provided.

The system understands considerably more context compared to its predecessors.

According to OpenAI, even identical prompts now produce noticeably better results.

DALL·E first debuted in 2021, showcasing innovative text-to-image capabilities. It became widely accessible in 2022, with DALL·E 2 following soon after.

Collaboration with ChatGPT Plus

One of the standout features of DALL·E 3 is its deepened collaboration with ChatGPT.

This integration transforms ChatGPT into a brainstorming tool, enabling users to workshop their visions into tailored prompts for DALL·E 3. Such synergy makes for seamless image creation and adjustments within the Chat interface.

DALL·E 3 is set to become accessible to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers in October 2022.

OpenAI has plans to further release DALL·E 3 via its API and to public research labs later this autumn. Notably, users retain full rights to images generated by DALL·E 3, with no requirement from OpenAI for commercial use permissions.

DALL·E 3 in ChatGPT

Upholding Safety and Ethical Standards

OpenAI’s commitment to responsible AI shines through in DALL·E 3’s design.

The model incorporates measures to prevent the generation of inappropriate, dangerous, or biased content.

It specifically declines requests involving public figures and avoids imitating the styles of living artists. OpenAI has even provided artists the option to opt out of their work training future models.

An internal ‘provenance classifier’ is reportedly under development, reflecting OpenAI’s ambition to enable clear AI provenance markers for image identification.

With the introduction of DALL·E 3, OpenAI continues its quest to lead in the rapidly evolving realm of AI synthetic media.

Competitors like Midjourney, Stability AI, and Google Imagen have emerged. Still, DALL ·E 3, with its built-in safety and ethical considerations, aims to set a new standard in responsible AI design.

Ryan Anderson

Ryan specialises in AI media subjects, covering innovations in AI art, music, and more. His academic background, with an MSc in Product Design Engineering and a Masters of Design from Glasgow School of Art, provides a rich foundation for his writings.

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