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AI Pop Singer Noonoouri

Warner Music Signs First AI Pop Singer, Noonoouri

Last week, the music and technology sectors come together with the announcement that Noonoouri, a virtual influencer created by German designer Joerg Zuber, has become the first AI pop singer to sign with a major record label.

Warner Music confirmed a deal with the digitally rendered 19-year-old, who released her first single, “Dominoes,” on Friday.

Although virtual artists are not new, Noonoouri’s signing could indicate a change in the industry as AI becomes more prevalent in mainstream music.

Since her introduction in 2018, this “digital character with a human soul” has gained over 400,000 Instagram followers and modelled for esteemed fashion brands like Dior and Versace.

With Warner’s support, this supermodel avatar is set to introduce her distinct, AI-generated music to a wider audience.

From Influencer to Recording Artist

Noonoouri debuted four years ago as a virtual influencer, securing brand collaborations and magazine features akin to her human peers.

Crafted by Zuber’s Munich-based company Opium Effect, the team employed motion capture technology to bring the character to life and crafted a detailed backstory portraying her as a 19-year-old from Bavaria.

Primarily recognised as a social media figure, Noonoouri has often alluded to her musical inclinations on her Instagram. “Music has been pivotal in my life,” she mentioned in a recent post. “It sets my mood and inspires my visions, driving my creativity.”

Her love for music led to a fortuitous meeting with German DJ Alle Farben in Dubai. Their mutual appreciation led to a collaboration on Noonoouri’s first single, using AI to produce her distinct vocals.

Noonoouri – Dominoes Official Music Video

Implications for the Music Industry

The collaboration between Noonoouri and Warner Music marks an innovative moment for the recording sector. Signing a digital artist to a major label is a rare occurrence.

Audiences and critics are eager to gauge the reception to Noonoouri’s AI-assisted music and its potential implications. Warner stated that the single’s royalties will be distributed amongst the label, Farben, and Zuber’s creative ensemble.

Despite some industry figures expressing reservations about AI’s potential impact on human creativity, Zuber believes the technology introduces novel opportunities and still relies heavily on human intervention.

“The success of Noonoouri is providing job opportunities for real individuals,” he commented to The Telegraph.

The mainstream appeal of AI-generated music remains to be seen, but for now, Noonoouri is on the cusp of blending technology and art in an unprecedented manner.

Conveying Positivity

Beyond her virtual status, Noonoouri has consistently emphasised her larger goals beyond modelling and music.

She aims to use her status on Instagram to champion social causes and spread optimism. Her debut track, “Dominoes”, mirrors this ambition with its lively sound and motivational lyrics.

Noonoouri identifies as a digital advocate, championing animal rights, LGBTQ+ acceptance, and environmentalism amidst her commercial endeavours. The authenticity of her advocacy, whether strategic or sincere, remains a topic of conversation.

Nevertheless, she envisions herself as more than a digital sensation, seeking to utilise her status to further social causes.

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Future Endeavours for the Virtual Artist

Noonoouri is navigating unfamiliar territory as a digital creator and a newly signed artist.

There’s speculation about Warner Music’s decision possibly indicating a trend where virtual performers become a staple in the music sector.

But the focus remains on Noonoouri as she endeavours to meet expectations and showcase that AI-assisted tunes can gain widespread popularity. More tracks are anticipated to be released as she and her team refine her signature sound.

The digital singer remains hopeful about her musical journey, sharing updates with her audience. “I’m eager to share the melodies and tales of this journey,” she mentioned following the announcement of her Warner agreement.

It remains to be seen if Noonoouri can sustain a long-term musical presence.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca is our AI news writer. A graduate of Leeds University with an International Journalism MA, she possesses a keen eye for the latest AI developments. Rebecca’s passion for AI, and with her journalistic expertise, brings insightful news stories for our readers.

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