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Beatoven AI Review – The AI Music Creation Tool You Need?

Beatoven AI, founded in 2021, is an AI music creation tool that allows users to generate royalty-free music tracks for their videos, podcasts, games, and other projects.

AI tools like Beatoven AI aim to make music composition accessible even to non-musicians. But how well does this futuristic music maker work?

Here’s my experience with Beatoven AI and its capabilities.

Overview of Beatoven AI

Beatoven uses a generative AI system trained on a massive dataset of musical compositions in various genres.

Beatoven AI can create production-ready music tailored to the needs of content creators.

The main features offered by Beatoven AI include the following:

  • Genre selection: Choose from pop, hip-hop, electronic, cinematic and more.
  • Mood filters: Pick a mood like happy, sad, energetic, relaxed etc.
  • Length controls: Generate tracks from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.
  • Instrument selection: A wide selection of instruments are included.
  • Customisation: Tweak parameters like tempo, key signatures and time signatures.
  • Downloading: Export your creation as an MP3 file.
  • Royalty-free license: Use the music freely in your projects.

First Impressions

Getting started with Beatoven AI is straightforward. You simply visit the website, create an account, and start a new music track.

The free trial provides generous access to test capabilities without limits before subscribing.

After selecting your preferred genre and mood, you can let the AI generate a one-minute sample to preview.

On first try, I found the music quality to be decent but not amazing.

The samples I generated in the Pop/Happy and Hip-Hop/Energetic categories sounded passable but not as professional as tracks I would expect to hear on the radio or a streaming playlist.

The compositions were basic and a bit repetitive. Beatoven can create usable background music for simple needs but likely won’t satisfy users looking for high-quality and creative compositions.

Customise Beatoven AI Music Tracks

Customising and Downloading Your Track

Once you preview your sample, you can start customising your track. Controls allow you to change the tempo, add or remove instruments, and edit the structure.

There are also presets for common arrangements like intro, verse, chorus and bridge.

When you are happy with your creation, you can download it as an MP3 file. The download process was seamless, and I could quickly access my completed tracks.

However, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • The free trial doesn’t allow you to download your creations. To download tracks, you need a paid subscription.
  • Limited options exist for changing key signatures, time signatures, and advanced song structures.
  • The exported MP3s are 256kbps quality. Options for lossless audio are not available.

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Royalty-Free Music for Your Projects

One of the main benefits is the ability to use your generated tracks royalty-free. This especially appeals to content creators like YouTubers and podcasters who need background music.

I read through the licensing terms and can confirm that you maintain full ownership of any music created with Beatoven. This allows you to use the tracks in monetised videos, commercials, or other projects without paying royalties.

Of course, you cannot claim you created the music yourself or sell it through music libraries. But for personal projects, the royalty-free license provides peace of mind.

Limitations and Room for Improvement

While Beatoven AI shows promise, the tool does have some clear limitations in its current state.

Here are some of the issues I observed:

  • Repetitive music: The tracks can get repetitive quickly, with the AI struggling to compose unique sequences and progressions.
  • Limited customisation: More advanced users may feel constrained by the simple customisation options. Key signatures, time signatures and song sections are pre-defined.
  • No ability to edit notes: You cannot view or hand-edit the individual MIDI notes and beats. Changes are made through high-level parameters.
  • No original lyrics: The tool generates instrumental music only. You cannot input lyrics for the AI to sing or rap.
  • Synthetic sounds: While well-produced, the sounds are still generated digitally. Real studio recordings would sound more authentic.

It’s clear that the boundaries of current AI limit Beatoven AI. Improvements in originality and customisability will be required to satisfy more advanced musicians.

Emotion Track Options

Who Should Use Beatoven AI?

So who is Beatoven AI actually useful for? Based on my testing, I would recommend this tool primarily for:

  • Beginner music producers: The simple interface is great for those with no composition experience.
  • YouTube/TikTok creators: Easily create background music for your videos.
  • Indie game developers: Generate soundtracks for mobile, casual or hobbyist games.
  • Podcasters: Add intro and transition music to your show.

For professional musicians or composers, this tool may feel too basic. But for spare-time creators who just need quick, easy music, Beatoven AI hits the spot.

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Pricing Options

Beatoven AI offers both a free trial and paid subscription options. Here is an overview of the updated pricing:

  • Free Trial: Generate unlimited tracks but no downloads. Try all features.
  • Active: $3/month. 15 minutes of downloads per month. Requires attribution.
  • Pro: $10/month. 30 minutes of downloads per month. No attribution is required.
  • Pro+: $20/month. 60 minutes of downloads per month. Priority email support.

The free trial allows you to test the capabilities without limits.

The Active plan is suitable for occasional use, while the Pro and Pro+ plans provide more downloads and features for power users.

Overall, the pricing seems quite reasonable, given the royalty-free license. The free trial ensures you can sample the quality before purchasing.

For frequent creators needing music often, the paid tiers provide good value.

Final Verdict on Beatoven AI

In the fast-moving field of AI content creation, Beatoven AI delivers usable results for casual music makers.

Beginners with no composition experience can start crafting solid background soundtracks right away. The stock presets provide nice jumping-off points for pop, hip-hop and electronic genres.

However, the tool lacks the sophistication to rival human composers. Repetition remains an issue, and customisation options are limited.

For creatives who demand originality, Beatoven AI may disappoint. But it hits the mark for spare-time creators who value speed and convenience.

As generative AI continues to evolve, I look forward to seeing how tools like Beatoven AI progress. More training data, smarter algorithms, and increased user control could produce some very impressive results down the line.

But in its current form, it feels more like a sketchpad for musical doodling than a professional music studio.

Casual creators should undoubtedly give this AI music tool a try. But traditionalists seeking the nuance of accurate composition may need to wait for the technology to mature.

Beatoven AI shows potential but still has progress to make before it truly conducts an artificial music revolution.

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