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PlayHT AI Voice Generator

Bringing Your Content to Life with PlayHT AI Voice Generator

Ever fancied adding a personal touch to your content, but dreading the setup time or the investment in recording equipment?

PlayHT’s AI voice generator and text-to-speech technology are your answer. The game-changing tool is proficient at turning your text into natural-sounding speech, making it accessible as MP3 and WAV audio files in a jiffy.

The appetite for user-friendly and efficient technologies is on the rise in the crazy AI explosion we are all witnessing.

PlayHT Multiple Use Cases


From marketing promos to YouTube content, the need for clear, consistent and professional voiceovers is paramount.

The AI voice generator by PlayHT not only makes this process straightforward but also adds a personal touch, driving recognisability and user engagement.

As a YouTube content creator, having an AI voiceover can transform your content game. Likewise, TikTok creators can now add professional-sounding voiceovers to their videos with just a few clicks, thanks to PlayHT’s AI voiceovers.


AI voices can play a pivotal role in enhancing user experience in a rapidly shifting sector to online learning.

PlayHT’s voices are adept at pronouncing intricate terminologies and acronyms, augmenting the learning journey for students and educators alike.

IVR Systems

Enhance customer experience with AI-powered IVR voiceovers that offer seamless, personalised interactions every time. As a technology enthusiast, I find the ability of AI voiceovers for customer communication commendable.

Audio Articles

Imagine turning your blog posts into engaging audio content, improving accessibility, and boosting user engagement.

PlayHT enables you to convert your WordPress blog posts into podcast-style content, paving the way for a new form of content consumption.

The Power of PlayHT AI Voice Generator

Choose from an extensive library of 907 natural-sounding AI voices spanning 142 languages and accents, all driven by machine learning technology.

AI Voices, as defined by PlayHT, are voices “created by machine learning models that process hundreds of hours of voice recordings from real voiceover artists and then learn to speak based on the audio recordings.”

And the good news doesn’t stop there.

Why PlayHT Stands Out

  • User Feedback Oriented: PlayHT focuses on user feedback to enhance its offerings.
  • Open Work Culture: The company’s culture is sharing an open dialogue, often within its private Facebook community group, before finalising new features.
  • Recognition: PlayHT has earned accolades from reputed tech communities and sources like Harvard University and Product Hunt, a testament to its impressive offerings.
  • Free Previews: With PlayHT, users can preview their text as many times as they desire without eating into their word credit.
  • Wide-ranging Integrations: Upcoming Zapier integration promises compatibility with thousands of applications.

One of the striking features of PlayHT is its Text to Speech editor.

Users can import or type in text and transform it into audio in an instant, further customising the audio with speech styles, pronunciations, and SSML tags.

Advanced Features and Customisation

PlayHT doesn’t just convert your text to speech – it allows you to customise and enhance the end result extensively.

The platform boasts an impressive array of over 900 AI voices across 142 languages, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect voice for your content. It also supports expressive emotional speaking styles, making your AI voices sound natural and engaging.

You have the freedom to choose from a casual conversational style to a formal newscaster tone.

Further enhancing your creative control are features like voice inflexions and custom pronunciations. You can modify the rate, pitch, emphasis and pauses of your AI voice to match your desired tone perfectly.

Additionally, you can define how specific words are pronounced and save these pronunciations for future use, ensuring consistency across all your projects.

Collaboration and Security

PlayHT is not just a tool for individuals; it also caters to teams.

It offers collaboration features such as team access for shared audio creation workflows. This makes it an excellent tool for businesses and larger projects. All your files are stored securely in the cloud, ensuring both easy access for collaboration and peace of mind regarding the safety of your data.

As an added advantage, PlayHT grants full commercial rights for the use of the generated speech files. This means you can use your audio content freely for personal and commercial purposes without worrying about licensing or copyright issues.

Podcasting and Publication Solutions

In addition to creating high-quality AI voiceovers, PlayHT helps you expand your content reach through its podcasting features.

You can quickly turn your text into a podcast, providing a new option for your audience to engage with your content. You can publish your audio files on popular platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google Podcasts using RSS feeds.

Moreover, PlayHT supports embedding text-to-speech readers into your online content.

Whether you run a blog or an e-learning platform, this increases accessibility and can significantly improve user engagement and ADA compliance.

Affordable and Accessible

PlayHT offers a straightforward pricing structure, with free, professional, and premium tiers to cater to different user requirements.

The free version allows you to preview all available voices and convert up to 5,000 words to audio per month, giving you a sense of the platform’s capabilities before making a commitment.

For professional users, prices start at $29 a month (paid yearly) which includes 600,000 words per year. With the monthly plan, costing $39, you receive up to 50,000 words a month. The premium tier costs $99 a month, you will get unlimited voice generation. Both of these tiers include a commercial licence.

Before you purchase, PlayHT answers common queries, ensuring you are well-informed about the platform’s capabilities and services. With PlayHT, you have a partner in content creation – one that blends the power of AI with simplicity and user-friendliness.

Ryan Anderson

Ryan specialises in AI media subjects, covering innovations in AI art, music, and more. His academic background, with an MSc in Product Design Engineering and a Masters of Design from Glasgow School of Art, provides a rich foundation for his writings.

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