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Keyword Insights AI tool

Keyword Insights – An AI Solution for Keyword Research

“Keyword Insights” is a well-structured tool that utilises data and is complimented by AI to streamline the process of keyword research, content planning, and content creation.

By integrating machine learning algorithms with user-friendly interfaces, this platform offers a versatile solution for content marketers aiming to improve their online presence.

Its functionalities span across keyword discovery, keyword clustering, search intent identification, and content brief generation.

Keyword Insights Key Features

The platform aims to automate traditionally time-consuming tasks like keyword research, clustering, and content outlining.

The main features include:

Comprehensive Keyword Research

  • Input a single seed keyword and generate thousands of semantically related terms.
  • See search volumes, difficulty scores and CPC data for each keyword.
  • Easily filter and export keyword lists for further analysis.
  • Uncover competitors’ target keywords by analysing their sites.

The Keyword Discovery feature of Keyword Insights is its starting point.

The tool generates thousands of related terms by simply inputting a seed keyword, complete with details about search volumes, keyword difficulty, and cost-per-click (CPC) values.

This feature surpasses many of its counterparts by offering access to an extensive keyword database without the high price tag.

As the platform operates on a “credit-based system”, you only pay for what you use, which translates to cost-effective keyword research.

Furthermore, the Keyword Distill feature reveals the target keywords of your competitors, providing you with valuable insights into their SEO strategy.

Intelligent Keyword Clustering

  • Upload keyword lists and automatically group together terms targeting the same topic.
  • Identify content gaps by checking keyword-URL overlap.
  • Adjust settings like URL overlap percentage and clustering algorithm strictness.
  • See “hub and spoke” topics within clusters to inform the content structure.

Keyword Insights provides a powerful feature for keyword clustering.

The platform groups similar keywords together, which allows for more targeted content creation. This function can handle up to 2.5 million keywords simultaneously, facilitating the quick identification of ‘sets’ of keywords that need to be targeted on different pages.

The platform applies natural language processing to determine the semantic relationship between different keyword clusters. This feature helps users understand how closely related different clusters are, enabling the easy planning and creation of content around a given topic.

Search Intent screenshot - Keyword Insights

Search Intent (Context)

  • The machine learning model analyses search results to classify keyword intent as informational, transactional etc.
  • Identify content gaps by checking keywords against current page types.
  • Informs content calendar by surfacing keywords suited for different content formats.

Keyword Insights also incorporates a search intent tool that identifies the intent behind keywords at scale.

Using machine learning to classify intent, the tool can accurately predict whether a set of keywords should be targeted on a blog or a transactional page.

Interestingly, Keyword Insights prefers to use the term “context” instead of “intent”. This is because they aim to capture the contextual setting around a keyword, rather than just the intent behind it.

This perspective provides a more nuanced and accurate representation of what the majority of results on a search engine results page are.

AI-Driven Content Briefs

  • Outline and research content briefs in minutes versus hours.
  • Analyses top pages ranking for the target keyword to extract key information.
  • Drag and drop interesting headings, summaries and questions into the brief.
  • Use AI to generate new sections, titles and summaries.

The AI-driven content brief generator is another highlight of Keyword Insights.

It aids in outlining and researching content that can rank above competitors. The tool scrapes data from the top 20 ranking pages, extracts essential information, and presents it in an easy-to-use interface.

The drag-and-drop builder, combined with the AI’s ability to summarise content into bullet points, streamlines the content generation process.

The AI can also assist with metadata creation, which is typically a tedious task.

Although the platform incorporates AI, it does not entirely rely on it for content generation. Keyword Insights advocates for a mix of human and AI-generated content, especially for long-form articles.

They justify this stance by citing Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which advise against the use of AI writing tools to manipulate Google search.

Plans and Pricing

Keyword Insights offers both subscription plans and pay-as-you-go options:

  • Basic – $49/month for 6,000 credits
  • Pro – $99/month for 15,000 credits
  • Premium – $299/month for 45,000 credits
  • Agency – $599/month for 100,000 credits
  • Enterprise – Custom packages above 100k credits

The available plans range from the Basic plan at $49 per month to the Agency plan at $599. They also offer custom-made Enterprise packages for those requiring more than 100,000 credits.

For those who want to try out the platform before committing to a subscription, there is a $1 trial that provides 750 credits.

Consultancy Services

In addition to the tool, Keyword Insights offers consultancy services for keyword research and content strategy.

This service is especially useful for businesses with a stretched team or those that could benefit from professional support.

The team behind Keyword Insights, Andy Chadwick and Suganthan Mohanadasan are seasoned SEO consultants who can provide expert insights and strategies.

“Generate thousands of keyword ideas, group them into topical clusters and create incredibly detailed content briefs effortlessly.”

Is Keyword Insights Worth Considering?

Overall, Keyword Insights is a promising tool for anyone involved in content marketing.

It offers a comprehensive suite of features that can simplify and streamline the process of content creation. It uses AI to improve efficiency and accuracy, from keyword discovery to content brief generation.

With flexible pricing options and additional consultancy services, it offers a holistic solution for content marketing needs.

As the tool is created by practising SEO consultants, it will likely stay updated with the latest SEO trends and practices. Therefore, it is certainly a tool worth considering for your content marketing toolkit.

Ben Nakanishi

Ben is a co-founder of AI Toolsmith. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, he specialises in AI writing and AI marketing topics. With a keen understanding of AI and marketing, Ben offers unique insights into the evolving dynamics of the AI industry.

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