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MarketingBlocks an AI Assistant

MarketingBlocks an AI Assistant for Your Marketing Needs

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives, finding utility in diverse sectors, and marketing is no exception.

MarketingBlocks, an innovative AI marketing tool, aims to streamline all your marketing needs with machine learning ingenuity.

Let’s explore the capabilities, features, and pricing structure to understand how this platform plans to revolutionise marketing.

A Comprehensive AI Assistant

By only using a keyword, MarketingBlocks promises a solution to all your marketing challenges.

This AI assistant can create and manage everything from landing pages, promotional videos, ads, marketing copy, graphics, email swipes, and much more within minutes. It’s a bold promise indeed, one that has the potential to redefine the sector, given its accuracy and reliability.

Landing Pages

MarketingBlocks has inbuilt AI algorithms to create full landing pages and websites from a keyword or URL.

This process encompasses layout creation, writing copy, searching for relevant media, and tying it all together. The resultant high-converting landing pages could be pivotal in generating more leads and sales for your business.

Also, it offers a drag-and-drop page builder, adding flexibility to the editing process.

Marketing Copy

Penning a compelling marketing copy can be daunting, but MarketingBlocks asserts to generate it in 100+ languages for any niche.

This feature allows you to create and sell content across various platforms without writing a single word.

As per the claims, it is 200 times cheaper than professional writers and 500 times faster than humans, which might just be the edge businesses need in this fast-paced market.

Long Form Content

MarketingBlocks can generate blogs, business plans, VSL scripts, courses, and more.

It provides a robust content editor, making content creation a breeze. It’s intriguing how the system promises to deliver without brainstorming or editing.

Design, Videos, Voiceovers, and More

This AI assistant also offers graphic design, video production, and voiceover services.

The AI designs conversion-friendly banners and ads, creates promotional videos, and writes voiceover scripts to generate human-like voiceovers, all to help sell your business.

Moreover, it can turn any text into compelling images and art in seconds, create logos & business cards, generate and brainstorm ideas, and much more.

MarketingBlocks Pricing Structure

The pricing structure of MarketingBlocks is segmented into three categories – Pro, Unlimited, and Enterprise.

The Pro package is perfect for startups at $37 per month billed annually.

The Unlimited and Enterprise packages are more suited to small businesses and large enterprises, respectively, offering unlimited words and projects with pricing at $41 and $83 per month, billed annually.

The ‘Unlimited’ and ‘Enterprise’ packages also offer client accounts and increased transcriptions, among other features, scaling up with your business needs.

Conclusion: Is MarketingBlocks AI a Transformative Step?

MarketingBlocks is certainly a futuristic solution, with the potential to redefine the marketing landscape.

However, the magnitude of its promises raises the question of its real-world effectiveness and accuracy. While it promises efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it’s important to evaluate whether its outputs can match the creative finesse of a human professional.

The support offered by MarketingBlocks seems to be comprehensive, with email and chat support, and a VIP Coaching included in all packages.

While the absence of a refund policy upon cancellation may be a point of concern for some users, it’s important to note that MarketingBlocks does offer a 5-day free trial across all plans.

This trial period allows potential users to thoroughly assess if the platform is well-suited to their requirements before making a financial commitment.

Overall, MarketingBlocks appears to be an ambitious and promising endeavour in AI marketing. However, as with all innovations, its true potential and effectiveness can only be evaluated with time and practical usage.

Ben Nakanishi

Ben is a co-founder of AI Toolsmith. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, he specialises in AI writing and AI marketing topics. With a keen understanding of AI and marketing, Ben offers unique insights into the evolving dynamics of the AI industry.

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