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AI News

Stay updated with the latest AI news, innovations, and trends. We provide key advancements, sector updates, and insights from experts, highlighting the impact of artificial intelligence on businesses and daily life.

Meta and Microsoft's AI Alliance
Apple GPT - Apple Quietly Developing AI Tools
Signoi - Mr Toad AI Tool
Elon Musk's xAI - A New Player in the AI Arena
NotebookLM - Google Launches AI Notepad Tool
Upwork Rolls Out a Suite of Generative AI Tools
OpenAI Launches Super Alignment Effort
AI tool identifies early indicators of dementia
Meta Algorithm
OpenAi London
OpenAI's Lobbying Shakes Up EU AI Act
Meta's Latest AI Tool, Voicebox
Ian Hogarth Appointed to Spearhead UK’s AI Taskforce
Google's AI chatbot Bard
The Beatles Final Song, Resurrected by AI
Synthesia AI video creation
Emerging AI Tools
Meta Logo with Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp logos
Jetpack AI Assistant
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